PEGIDA Munich – 22.06.2015. Neonazi terrorist taken into custody.


After weeks I made my way to PEGIDA again. In general the march yesterday was quite boring – PEGIDA Munich changed their route to a different neighbourhood.

While I was taking pictures of Peter M. posing for my camera, police forces in riot gear started sprinting so I followed them.

As far as I know the following happened:


During the march six to ten antifacists tried to block the road – due to police forces blocking me from entering the closed area even though I had a valid press ID on me I can’t provide pictures of this event.

This is a back to usual feeling for me, after visiting Frankfurt W-OW and shooting G7, having almost no trouble with police during these events, Munich police forces show once again what their idea of freedom of press is. USK-groupleaders kept telling me: “I can’t hear you!” Systematically police forces kept sending me around the blocked area.

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