Demonstration for solidarity with Kobane – Munich

After news vom Syria reached the world and also the kurdish community in Munich that the islamic state conducted Suicide attacks on Kobane yesterday, a demonstration was held. Between 30-40 activists gathered on the Marienplatz with banners asking for solidarity with Kobane and to engage against imperialism:

During speaches the main topic was the turkish role in this war. There is evidence that suggests that the isis troops entered Turkey and crossed the border again on a truck to conduct the attacks. The loss of the HDP and the failure to set up a presidential system – enforcing his power –  in Turkey may lead to this acceptance of Islamic State troopers on the Turkish side of the border.

A rather cruel than ironic fact ist that Turkey makes it almost impossible for refugees to cross the borders and escape from the war in the Northern Syrian region.

Interesting article about the situation at the border with:

The event and its speaches gained large public attention – and hopefully directed some attention to the situation in Kobane and at the Turkish-Syrian border. Sadly the demostration was disturbed at around 6:30PM. Fireworkers were moving onto the Marienplatz in large scale. All information I got from a policeman blocking a stairway on sight: “Probably a fire in the lower areas.”

Still some pictures from the firefighters on sight: