Trip to Zurich


Wow – my second non neo-nazi related post in one week. To explain this a little: Due to my work as a cameraman and assistant I made it to Zurich. This city – known for having lots of banks (and as I got explained a quite high suicide rate) – has a huge dissonance between the lifestyle of the rich and famous and usual streetlife. I was shocked as I heard that a Döner – which is almost equal to currency to me – costs around 12 CHF in the city center. Since the value of the €uro keeps beeing unstabile with the Greek economy and politics being very insecure – 1 CHF equals 0,96 € right now. So the price for a Döner Kebap is around 10 – 11 € in the city of Zurich. Summayr Zurich is quite expensive. As I don’t want to bore anybody – here are my pictures, showing street culture and expensive lifestyle, but also street punks in the city of Zurich:

Tommorow I am travelling to Vienna so another “just pictures I took” post is coming up. Next Monday I will return to reporting about PEGIDA Munich – former known as BAGIDA.


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