PEGIDA Munich – Convicted Neonazi escorted from demonstration site

After not visiting PEGIDA-München for a week due to my absence for work, I tortured myself this Monday once again.

After the situation started escalating during the last weeks – stones and bottles where thrown – convicted neonazi terrorist were able to conduct attacks on counter demonstrants– Police forces were unable to keep the area around the Hauptbahnhof safe.

This week it seemed like the Munich Police Departement changed its strategics: Entering “the cage” was no problem whatsoever with a valid Press ID, attacks on journalist were prevented or at least Policemen stepped in – Rolf Hecht from “Die Freiheit” kept trying to attack with his flag – and in the end convicted neonazi terrorist Karl Heinz Statzberger got taken into custody once again. The situation for Statzberger escalated as he tried to step closer to counter protesters and USK (riot force) stepped in his way.

Seconds later after arguing and pushing from both sides Statzberger was taken into custody and accompanied off the demonstration site.

Minutes later the neonazi terrorist was set free again, but tried to leave “the cage” – USK forces intervened and his group was accompanied through the city by police. As counter protest got closer to the group the neonazis (also “DIE RECHTE” activist Dan Eising) started insulting everyone walking by.

All in all though this was a rather quiet evening around PEGIDA-Munich.

Ironic story happening before the event took place: Police towed a car to make space for PEGIDA, but the demonstration started 300 m up the street. The car was towed for no reason.

All my impressions collected – with a little information attached to every picture – here: