PEGIDA Munich – 13.07.2015

Once again racists, neonazis, conspiracy theorists and a bunch of old people full of hatred, gathered to march against the ‘Islamisation’ of Munich. At the beginning so called “besorgte Bürger” (worried citizens) stepped up to hold speeches. This weeks main topics shows the motives of men and women joining PEGIDA Munich – almost all of the speeches centered around one topic: asylum seakers and refugees in Munich

The outcome of every single speech was (not so surprisingly):

  • the city distributes asylum seekers wrong
  • refugees can directly be linked to a rising crime rate
  • the city fakes data
  • “we don’t want refugees, this is no democracy – we want to decide if we take more”

All in all it has to be stated: These facts are turned around, statistics are being ignored – or declared as fake- conspiracy theories are made up.

The wrong thought that a group of 70 represents all inhabitants of Munich or even Germany is completely nuts. After PEGIDA stopped to shout “Wir sind das Volk!” – Birgit Weißmann admitted that a this small number can’t speak for “Das Volk” (the people) – the PEGIDA speakers still argue as if million of men and women were following them.

Almost as if somebody muted them PEGIDA walked through the city center- accompanied by a chaotic police operation- leading to an arrest of a counter demonstrant that supposingly pushed a police officer. Fun Actually not so funny fact: One week ago, a convicted neonazi terrorist pushed a riot police officer and was only taken into custody for minutes. Seconds later he was released and brought to the central station.

The neonazi/hooligan group “Brigade Giasing” with Petra K. as their leader – known for showing the Hitler salute – and Dan Eising (NÜGIDA/Die Rechte Nürnberg) where able to hop in and out of the police barrier. After the march was finished they took the subway to the central station without any police officer following them. To complete their”patriotic march” they had a beer at the restaurant “Mongdratzerl” – my advice for anyone: Keep clear of this restaurant – not only on Mondays – since known neonazis are accepeted here.

My pictures:

As a little preview:
Next week Lutz Bachmann will visit the city of Munich. I will accompany this with my camera and film the developments in Munich. As a little announcement: A revised version of Felix Benneckensteins and mine 20 minute movie, with an in-depth look on BAGIDA/PEGIDA-Munich will be released soon to watch on the Internet publicly. So stay tuned to my blog and follow the developements of PEGIDA Munich.