PEGIDA Munich 07-20-2015 – Lutz Bachmann visits Munich

After several weeks of rather uninteresting PEGIDA marches through Munich, the team around Birgit Weißmann invited Lutz Bachmann to Munich. On the main square the racist rally was held. After rather failing during the last months, with around 100-150 “patriots” marching, this week Lutz Bachmann  mobilized between 150 and 200 racists, neonazis and conspiracy theorist onto the central square. All in all the counter protest was a lot louder, then the – microphone supported, but still incomprehensible – speeches. Around 1300 people of all ages & sexes participated to show Lutz Bachmann that he is not welcome in Munich – amongst them Munich mayor Dieter Reiter. Some impressions of counter protest and Lutz Bachmann behaving like a VIP:

I mainly went to the demonstration to continue my work on the short documentary that Felix Benneckenstein and me did – and are currently recutting with new information. So here some impressions from yesterday:

Stay tuned for the documentary – a long term observation of BAGIDA/PEGIDA-Munich –  to be released during the upcoming months.