Counter PEGIDA demonstrator held in detention – awaiting trial

As Lutz Bachmann made its way to Munich, PEGIDA-Munich gained a little amount of followers compared to the last weeks – and the counter protest raised again. According to the motto “Lutz Bachmann, NOT WELCOME” antifacist groups and parties united in protest – even city mayor Dieter Reiter joined.

For further information: PEGIDA Munich 07-20-2015 – Lutz Bachmann visits Munich

From the first counter PEGIDA protests on the Munich police department kept trying to criminalize counter PEGIDA-protests. As to see in the trailer to our BAGIDA documentary, during the first BAGIDA marches, USK (riot police force) officers hit people for standing next to the demo route and also jumped into crowds and started hitting.

Also as mentioned in several articles, convicted neonazi terrorists and neonazi hooligan groups were able to conduct attacks on people in public.

As we – my collegue Felix Benneckenstein & me – continue to observe PEGIDA and rounding up our documentary, the repression against antifacist protestors reached a new stage this Monday:

According to an email I received  – as well as an inymedia article – on Monday undercover police officers took a counter demonstrator in custody for violating the law. He was carrying a flag which could – supposingly – could be used as a weapon. The antifacist is held in custody until right now and as a reaction regional antifacist groups announced a demonstration in front of the prison of Stadelheim tomorrow evening.

The reactuion of police officials has to be awaited, as well as how the criminalization of protests against racist-marches through the inner city of Munich will be continued.


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