Demonstration against Erdogan’s politics – Peaceful protest through the city center of Munich

Last night more then 200 Kurds, friends and sympathisers gathered on Karlsplatz Stachus in the Munich city center to show their anger against the politics of Erdogan. The prime-minister of Turkey – after his loss in the elections – ordered air-strikes against ISIS which where instead hitting the region of Rojava hard. The Turkish army is moving into Rojava, not only attacking ISIS, but YPG/YPJ controlled vilages as well.

In general, the protest remained remarkably peaceful – with the only exception in the form of a PEGIDA member who was involved in an altercation with an unknown person inside the Stachus McDonalds. He was subsequently escorted by police in a fruitless search around the plaza. Additionally, he is also a member of the party “Die Freiheit”, lending credit to the possibility that anyone in attendance recognized him for spewing hatred at their numerous demonstrations. Bizarrely, he was also seen with an entire clove of garlic in his bag .

Funfact: Counter “Die-Freiheit” protestors like to call him “the vampire”.
Not so funfact: He is widely known for his agressive behaviour, accompanying Rolf H. during his attacks on photojournalists.

After one hour, on the corner of Sendlinger- and Schwanthalerstraße, suddingly smoke was pushed down from a buildings roof. Firemen and women arrived minutes later. The demonstration had to stop for a little while – but then passed by. This week “Hoch lebe ISIS” – “Long live ISIS” shouts were not heared.

Just three of my pics: