Neonazi party “Der III. Weg” rally in front of the closed MIRA shopping mall

Yesterday around 50 neonazi activists and far right extremists gathered in front of the – closed – MIRA shopping mall. As at any far right rally, speakers picked up on usual far right propaganda – like the situation with asylum seekers in Germany right now, justifying the map spread by their party listing all asylum centers – not thinking about what might have caused people to leave their home country. Munich newspapers and police write about 7 “right extremists” taking part in the rally. This shows  complete ignorence and bad research. Besides several convicted neonazi terrorist being on site, filming and provoking counter protest, the group shouted “Nationaler Sozialismus – Jetzt!” (“National-socialism – NOW!”). In common sense somebody joining this shout is defenitly a far right extremist. Very revealing was the fact that several “Die Freiheit” members – always declaring their love for Israel and fighting in front of court against being called “neonazis” – joined a rally of almost only radical neonazis – some convicted for a planned attack on the synagogue in the Munich city center. Next to the rally I was cussed at several times – and when wanting to take a picture chased after until police stopped the supposingly neonazi-sympathizer.
My impressions – with some captions for more information: