Refugees arriving with the “Train of Hope” in Munich

refugees hbf 1 1 - Refugees arriving with the "Train of Hope" in Munich

As I mentioned in my last post I am back in Munich and getting back on reporting about the refugee situation. Almost one year ago I held the following interviews with refugees holding a hunger strike on Sendlinger Tor to draw attention on the bad situation of refugees in Munich/Europe:

Now the situation of refugees arriving as well as the ones awaiting a decision about their application to stay in Germany keeps getting worse. During the last three days about 3000 refugees arrived at Munich central station. The humanitarian support by the citizens of Munich is unbelievable – food, cover from the rain that started today, clothing, toys and all that is needed. A huge problem is neo-nazis using the situation to threaten arriving refugees. Mentioned on twitter by a collegue:

I will keep visiting and documenting the refugee situation at Munich central station as I did at Sendlinger Tor. Just some few impressions from last night: