800 Turkish nationalists rally through Munich & Turkos MC holds a bike/car corso

grauewoelfe 200915 18 - 800 Turkish nationalists rally through Munich & Turkos MC holds a bike/car corso

Today Turkish nationalists showed full force in downtown Munich. Two different rallies of overlapping groups where held. One was a bike and car corso into the city center by the Turkish nationalist biker gang “Turkos MC”, the other was a nationalist rally from Munich Goetheplatz to Odeonsplatz.

To start of with the bikers:

Everything stayed very calm here – almost unspectacular – but members of this corso showed up later at the second rally so here are some of the best pictures:

At Odeonsplatz Turkish nationalists started gathering at around 3:30 PM. From the beginning on to me everything seemed quite tense – people where showing the “grey wolve” sign and screaming “Allahu Akbar”. As people were gathering also biker from the corso showed up as to see on this small video I twittered:

The march started off after one hour of gathering. A reporter that later on took pictures of my colleagues and me as we where walking by the demonstration started talking in front of the demonstrators as they began marching. Later on when counter demonstrators arrived he shouted: “Dreckige Autonome!” – [roughly translated: “Dirty Lefties!”] His microphone had the logo “a HBR” on it – a Turkish News channel founded by a former member of parliament and member of Erdogan’s party. [Turkish Wikipedia article about the TV-station: https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Haber]
The way this reporter acted towards colleagues, counter-protest and me suggests that he reported very positively about the rally through Munich.
Official Website of the TV station: http://www.ahaber.com.tr/
[I am going to look for the report about last night and include it here as soon as it is published]

As soon as the demonstration started walking down the first street people started screaming “Allahu Akbar!”.

Shortly after that I had a quit unexpected meeting with Ramazan S.. He has been visiting BAGIDA/PEGIDA Munich for the last weeks with neonazi terrorists. What was surprising about meeting him: He was with people in Turkish flags. He walked right up to a colleague of mine and started cussing at him. Telling people we where PKK photographers to justify his attack. Then he joined the demonstration that kept shouting “Allahu Akbar!”. I am really unsure how this complies with PEGIDA Munich’s protest against islamization. Some pictures of Ramazan S. amongst the Turkish nationalists and shortly after he attacked my colleague.

The demonstration then continued up to Odeonsplatz where a stage was prepared. This was the first time the Turkish nationalists where confronted to counter protestors and showed how dangerous their movement and demonstration really are. Ramazan S. kept shouting over the fence and shortly after the conflict got tense. Turkish demonstrators where trying to get close to counter protest. Just then Kurdish demonstrators showed up – and where pushed back by Police. Many “grey wolves” tried breaking out and reaching the Kurds. I witnessed at least two arrests of people also attacking police forces.

For more small videos visit my Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/24mmjournalism

My collection of pictures from the nationalist’s march:

As usual you can purchase my pictures on Demotix: http://www.demotix.com/news/8571580/800-turkish-nationalists-grey-wolves-rally-against-kurds-munich


0 thoughts on “800 Turkish nationalists rally through Munich & Turkos MC holds a bike/car corso

  1. Just one thing to explain: the wolve stands for Turkey! Not only for the nationalism!! The grey wolves have the Turkish wolve as their sign, but it’s not THEIR sign ! So not everybody who shows the sign of the wolve is a nationalist! And TURKOS MC is not a nationalist motorcycle club, they are just PATRIOTS!!! And I am the one who can tell you because my man is one of the leaders at TURKOS MC . Hope you will post this , also if English is not my mother language .

    1. Aline – as long as people do not start spreading antisemtism, neonazism, homophobia or any other useless hatred I always allow comments as fast as possible even if they are controversial to my article/opinion.

      At least the outer appearence of Turkos Mc members is obviously nationalistic – loudly screaming “whore pkk” and rallying against kurds joining a nationalistic demonstration, to me is enough of a proof of nationalism. Just to make sure that we talk about the same definitions:


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