PEGIDA marches – Neonazis enter historically charged Feldherrnhalle

pegida 121015 201 - PEGIDA marches - Neonazis enter historically charged Feldherrnhalle

Last night PEGIDA Munich gathered once again. The Münchner Merkur just hours earlier reported that not only Hein M. is suspect in a counter-terrorism investigation, according to SPIEGEL he also searched contact with Martin Wiese, convicted for the planned bombing on the synagogue in 2003. Still PEGIDA Munich now newly tries to prevent being seen as neonazis – some examples from last night:

As the rally began there was a member (that has been appearing on scene with a new flag weekly) carrying a Reichskriegsflagge (

Reichskriegsflagge – in the middle of PEGIDA rally at Odeonsplatz.

The then very angry protestor was kicked out – PEGIDA does not want him marching with them, as long as he carries this flag.
One main problem: Not carrying this flag does not change this man’s political perspective, this is not a clear distancing from far right extremists.

As PEGIDA marched, Peter Meidl, known from “Die Rechte Rosenheim” and known for posing in front of cameras, was told to not march first row. He said in Freising: “My name is Peter MEidl and I am a proud neo-nazi.”

Banning him in the back rows is not at all a distancing from neonazi activists or neonazism itslef.

On site there was a NPD transparent as well as neo-nazi Roland Wuttke. Wuttke is known for cooperating with every neo-nazi group there is.

During the PEGIDA march some of the 250 members tried to blind press members by using strong LED flashlights against photographers. The march was quite unspectacular, but what happened back at the Odeonsplatz was unbelievable. A group of fourteen neonazis (that applauded as a speaker made a comment about corrupt nazi judges making the holocaust possible) amongst them convicted terrorists Thomas Schatt and Karl-Heinz Statzberger left the PEGIDA Munich cage with very few Police company. They walked across the street and went up the stairs of the historically charged Feldherrnhalle. As seen on this picture Hitler stood where the neonazis positioned themselves. They then shouted: “Hasta la vista – antifacista!” One of them lifting his right arm with a fist and putting his other hand on his heart. Amongst them also Ramazan S.

Video of what happened:

Then the neo-nazis where able to walk off without police caring. USK riot police stood by all of this and ignored what happened.

My collected pictures from last night:

Pictures are available here: