PEGIDA Marches through Stormy Munich as Citizens Block Road

pegida 301115 9 - PEGIDA Marches through Stormy Munich as Citizens Block Road

As almost every Monday for the past year the racist PEGIDA Munich  movement (ca 100 people) gathered on Odeonsplatz once again November 30th. In general the march was equal to everything seen in the past year. Rolf H. annoying photographers with his flag – getting dangerously close to peoples faces – “besorgte Bürger” [roughly: worried citizens] and convicted neo-nazi terrorists with their followers rallying through the city – new was the ability for a group of neo-nazis to sit down in a big Munich restaurant to have a drink.

PEGIDA board-member tries to gather personal information of journalists
Heinz M. – suspect of anti-terror investigations and PEGIDA board member – tried to gather private information of journalists on site. When colleagues walked into the cage Heinz M. walked up to the entrance and requested to see press ID cards. As neo-nazis are outing “left-wing photographers” on a recently popped up Facebook page the question arises how far Heinz M. is involved in this process. The Munich Police Department press spokesman intervened and pushed back the shouting PEGIDA board member.

Grey wolves/PEGIDA/Die Rechte activist takes pictures of counter protest
Ramazan S. has newly developed the habit not only to take pictures of counter-protest with his smartphone, but to systematically search the mass of counter protest and take portrait pictures of what he suspects to be neo-nazi opponents.

Munich citizens block Schellingstrasse

Shortly after the PEGIDA route turned away from Ludwigsstrasse into the smaller streets of the Maxvorstadt quarter approximately 30 Munich citizens sat down to block the road. Police carried two persons from one side of the roadblock to the other and PEGIDA was able to pass. One PEGIDA marshall could not hold back his anger about counter-protest. Instead of guiding the PEGIDA mob past the roadblock and preventing tensions, he insulted citizens blocking the road and showed them his middlefinger.

Little gallery of the situation at the roadblock:

Neo-nazis hang around in inner city after PEGIDA and get to drink beer at one of Munich’s biggest Augustiner restaurants

As Neonazis such as Petra K., convicted neo-nazi terrorist Thomas Schatt, Ramazan S. and company left the PEGIDA site, the group tried to get close to Feldherrnhalle once more. Munich riot police then accompanied the group away from Odeonsplatz – learning from the events of the past few weeks.

Activists that were later on on-site reported:

The group entered the “Bratwurst Glöckl” restaurant. Riot police was still watching the group. The neo-nazis started throwing things out of the first floor window. Rumors have it that somebody informed the landlord of the small restaurant – the group got kicked out just minutes later. Riot police accompanied the group a little further around and then left telling people on site that there is a bank robbery going on and their presence is needed there more importantly. A group of violent neo-nazis – people amongst them kicking in road blocks & escalating the situation on November 9th- was left straying through the inner city of Munich in a mood as they were not able to drink a beer in their chosen restaurant. Just minutes later the neo-nazis found a place to have food and drink beer:
One of Munich biggest Augustiner restaurants.
The restaurants seems not to support the movement by Munich landlords and restaurant owners “Kein Bier für Nazis“. The landlord was – according to a source on site – told more then once that convicted neo-nazi terrorists were drinking beer in his restaurant. According to the source on site his answer was only that as long as the group does not misbehave he can not do anything about it. No reaction whatsoever – the group was able to have a drink in this world-famous “Bierhalle”.

Some gathered impressions: