“REFUGEES NOT WELCOME” Flags and ACAB Sweatshirts

pegida 211215 7 - "REFUGEES NOT WELCOME" Flags and ACAB Sweatshirts

On Monday December 21st, once again the Munich branch of the racist PEGIDA movement marched through Munich -once again.
Very revealing : One participant carried a “REFUGEES NOT WLCOME”-flag next to the front transparent and was wearing a sweatshirt with a imperial eagle and “Deutschland” written on it. Another participant was wearing a “1312 – ACAB FOREVER” hoodie. Police took him into custody. As usual neo-nazis were spotted amongst the mass of racists.

Also this week PEGIDA showed pictures and movies on a projector next to the speakers – if all materials displayed were licensed can be doubted.

Munich police showed once again their approach to freedom of press. As approximately 50 counter-protestors blocked the PEGIDA route – that was therefore changed and PEGIDA was not blocked – police officers told press photographers that a documentation of the actions is not necessary. After asking for a press official or the operations management, the officers on site answered that this is ordered by mission control and photographers have to stay behind barrier. Police officers did not want to hand out their names to report this restriction of fundamental rights. Bypassing Munich citizens were allowed to approach the roadblock – only press photographers were held back.
Eye-whitnesses reported police brutality by forces of the USK (riot police force). Once again the Munich Police Departement showed what it’s approach on freedom of press is – what has to be hidden from cameras?.
As PEGIDA arrived back at Odeonsplatz, colleagues asked the police officer in service as mission control why he ordered that photographers should be held back – he stated that this must have had to do with the colleagues approach and way to talk to the police officers on site. Also he stated that he did not order that journalists should be held back.

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