PEGIDA Munich marches & deposits wreath

pegida 20160307 2 - PEGIDA Munich marches & deposits wreath

Yesterday – once again – the Munich branch of the racist PEGIDA movement marched. In the beginning a politician of the AfD mobilized for a demonstration this Saturday in Geretsried against migrants. Also Heinz Meyer PEGIDA-Munich leader explained how a 75 year old lady according to him tried to destroy the pa system last week, which he tried to prevent and pushed the old lady over. After that Munich newspapers reported about the incident completely wrong in his opinion. He said he believes that the old lady was planning this attack to boycott PEGIDA. After some more short speaches and videos PEGIDA started marching. As a special event the mob stopped at a memorial site depositing a wreath for fallen soldiers in the war against Russia under Napoleon 1812. The connection to the rise of Islam and problems with migration – which are the usual topics at PEGIDA marches – is hard to tell. Shortly after this event antifascist activists tried to block the route and got evicted even though PEGIDA was able to pass by the roadblock.

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