PEGIDA Munich 03-28-16

pegida 20160328 14 - PEGIDA Munich 03-28-16

Even on christian holiday Easter Monday PEGIDA Munich gathered. Only approximately 150 joined the rally. Amongst the participants were activists of the neo-nazi parties ‘Der III. Weg’ and ‘NPD’. Remarkable was Heinz Meyers speech about asylum politics and racism in Israel. As tweeted by Reflektierter Bengel, he finished his talk with the conclusion that Israel ist the biggest concentration camp of the western hemisphere. 

 This comment is very revealing as there were discussions if PEGIDA is antisemitic. As the march started Karl-Heinz-Statzberger – convicted neo-nazi terrorist – took the lead shouting paroles several times. The now on a regular basis seen flag in black-white-red was carried next to the front-banner today. Approximately sixty antifacist activists blocked the PEGIDA route today. The racist march was redirected and returned to Odeonsplatz.

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