First day in Athens – Arrival at City Plaza Hotel

athens dayi 20160611 2 - First day in Athens - Arrival at City Plaza Hotel

First day in Athens

After landing late at night yesterday at Athen’s airport located out of the city, we took a Taxi to Exarchia where we are staying. Our apartment is only two blocks away from Exarchia Square – the heart of the alternative quarter. As we arrived we joined the film-team in a bar and had some nice talks regarding the next days and a quite a fun night.

Arrival at City Plaza Hotel

As we first arrived at the city plaza the film-team introduced us to people on sight, we sat down in the old bar of the squatted hotel and had some water to then shoot some aerial off the roof. The view over the city is truly majestic and cinematic – just a small sequence we filmed today:

Whilst our drone was charging we sat down in the bar. People very warmly welcomed us. Children are all over the place. I guess I have found a new friend. He is from Syria and his name is Mohammed. He asked me to carry him around for a while. His English is very good for his age, he seems to be very intelligent boy.

All in all the first day was full of impressions, new people and walks through the humongous city of Athens.

Another shot from today – this boy watching us as we were shooting off the rooftop:

Boy watching us flying.