PEGIDA Munich marches again – rallies against refugees

After quite a while PEGIDA Munich marched again. The same round about 100 racists as weeks ago gathered to hold their counter-refugee and racist march through the city center. This week the city allowed them a route that was denied before due to it’s historic meaning. From the Stieglmaierplatz PEGIDA marched over the Königsplatz (former headquarters of the NSDAP) and finished their “walk” at Odeonsplatz. All of those are known for their historic connection to the national-socialistic regime.

As remarked in the map the Munich Police forces showed a strange treatment of members of the press: More then once photographers where pushed and shouted at to leave, without even being told to be in a “no-go area”. USK police forces (riot police) acted highly aggressive. At the final speech the press was completely excluded from the PEGIDA cage. Well not all of the press, the Munich police capitulated to PEGIDAs hatred on the “mass media” and the strange relation to RussiaToday – being marked as “PEGIDA press” a RussiaToday filmteam was allowed to wander through the mass of racists. Freedom of press – not obtained.

Here are some of my pictures:

More of my pictures can be found (and purchased) on Demotix:



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