AfD marches through Freilassing

On Saturday October 17th the right-wing party AfD mobilized to Freilassing for a demonstration against new arrivals of refugees. 450 known neonazis, racists and “Besorgte Bürger” [roughly: worried citizens] rallied through the small village. Amongst them: Leaders of the “Freies Netz Süd” and “Kameradschaft Berchtesgadenerland” – known from neonazi rallies in Munich and the Charlemagne memorial in Bad Reichenhall. Also amongst the demonstrators: The “Identitäre Bewegung” a relatively new far right movement showed up with a transpartent. Their logo was taped over with a german flag. After a little a demonstrator attacked me for taking a picture of him amongst the other racists. Police forces had to intervene.  From here on the event continued relatively calm.
A group that also helped arriving refugees at Freilassing station organized colorful counter-protest to show neo-nazis and racists they are not welcome.

To sum up the situation in Freilassing I edited this video:

My collected photo-impressions:


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