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“Solidarity without Limits” Demonstration in Dresden

On February 6th PEGIDA announced a Europe-wide action. In Dresden, Prague and some other cities all over Europe racist rallies were held.
According to “Durchgezählt” 6.000 – 8.000 people attended the racist gathering on the riverside of the Elbe – at least 2500 demonstrated against PEGIDA & fortress Europe during the same time. The antifacist demonstration through Dresden stayed quite calm – only as neo-nazis showed up and tried to provoke an escalation, tension rose. After the end of the demonstration left activists tried to reach PEGIDA. Smaller encounter between police and activists seem to have happened.
All in all “Solidarity without Limits” stayed very calm and extraordinary peaceful. Fatale was the decision of the Saxonian police forces, to release PEGIDA participants uncontrolled into the city which led to smaller wranglings between neo-nazis, counter-demonstrators and Police.

Small Picture Gallery:



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