Demonstration against Turkey Coup in front of Turkish consulate in Munich

After clashes erupted in Turkey and military supposedly attempted a coup in the evening of July 15th in the middle of the night supporters of reigning Erdogan gathered in Munich. The crowd of approximately 500 people clearly stated their support for the Erdogan government. Amongst the demonstrators were also people showing flags of the right-extremist so called ‘Grey Wolves’ that have held several rallies in Munich before – see Clashes erupt as Turkish nationalists rally for Peace through Munich and 800 Turkish nationalists rally through Munich & Turkos MC holds a bike/car corso.
Many Turkish flags were waved and reached over the crowd. A portrait of Erdogan was held up front next to speakers. Participants shouted ‘Allahu Akbhar’ as to be seen in this video twittered from me on-site:

The mood on-site was very tense. Several people walked up to me asking for which newspaper I am working and also took portraits with their cellphones letting me know that they will find me if I do not report good about the demonstration.  As I talked to participants more or less one main opinion was farly spread: USA and the Gulen movement are trying to seize power in Turkey and attempt a coup. Erdogan and the turkish people will overthrow them and they will be detained.

Pictures from on-site:



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