Kurdish Rally against German-Turkish foreign politics

kurdish rally 20160716 4 - Kurdish Rally against German-Turkish foreign politics

One day after a coup was attempted in Turkey the Kurdish community gathered on Karlsplatz Stachus to rally against the foreign politics of the german government concerning treaties and friendship with Turkey. Approximately 50 people participated. At the same time a demonstration at the Turkish consulate – just as during the night before was held. Some Turkish nationalists showed up at the Kurdish rally. Tensions rose as the Kurdish demonstrators shouted ‚ Erdogan ist, Mörder und Faschist‘ roughly translated ‘Erdogan is a murder and fascist‘ and Turkish nationalists were showing the so called ‚wolve‘ hand sign. After some minutes several Turkish nationalists attacked a supporter of the Kurdish movement with a Kopfstoß and punches. Police intervened. One Turkish nationalist was arrested. After that everything stayed calm.