Non-Citizen's Protest March Reaches BAMF in Nuremberg

protestmarch end 20161019 10 - Non-Citizen's Protest March Reaches BAMF in Nuremberg

After 11 days of hiking the Non-Citizen’s protest march arrives in Nuremberg. The march followed a camp at Sendlinger Tor in Munich that was pointing out the still bad situation for refugees already in Germany, but also demanding free movement for all people and options for a save passage to Europe for all people fleeing. The BAMF is the german Federal Office for Migration and Refugees which also organizes deportations. 

Route of Protest March

The route taken by the non-citizens involved more than 230 kilometers of hiking, passing by bigger cities of Bavaria like Freising, Landshut, Regensburg, Neumarkt and Nuremberg. The activists participating held rallies and demonstrations along the way. Pictures and videos can be watched on .

Arrival in Nuremberg


The group arriving in Nuremberg seemed in a binary state of mind. On one hand activists seemed eager to reach their goal to rally against asylum politics in Germany. On the other hand the group also seemed exhausted from walking a that long distance in rainy weather.

Picture Gallery of Beginning and End of Protest March