[Picture Gallery] Neonazis hold Rock-Concert in Themar

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On Saturday July 15th a group around Thommy Frenck called Turonen / Garde 20 organized a neonazi rock concert in a small village in Thüringen. More than 6000 neo-nazis came to listen to bands like: Sleipnir, Die Lunikoff Verschwörung, Stahlgewitter and several others. The event was announced as a political rally and the local admission failed to get the event prohibited in front of court. Journalists were insulted, spit at and physically attacked by participants of the event. Police did not see a chance to enter the public political rally with journalists and therefore reporting was only possible from outside. Neonazis were shouting “Ruldof Heß” after a speech in commemorance of Hitlers deputy.


Brewery “Leikeim” asks kindly for publishment  of this statement, as a truck with their logo, but not affiliated with them was on-site. The brewery disassociates itself from the event that got media attention throughout Germany:

… Very surprised we saw a truck in media reports about this event with the Leikeim logo printed to it.

We did not supply the event. Therefore we immediately did some research how the truck was able to be displayed at this particular event.

Meanwhile it turned out, that this is a private truck which is neither our property nor under our control. Therefore the brewery has no influence on the trucks usage [at events]. According to our research no “Leikeim” beer was poured out on site and we made sure that a situation like this will never happen again.

We clearly disassociate from this event. Our brewery rejects any extreme political tendencies. The brewery will also in the future neither supply nor support similar events.

– Statement by Brewery Leikeim


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