[Picture Gallery] Protest against reactionary ‘Demo für Alle’ Congress in Frankfurt

ffmdemoalle 6 - [Picture Gallery] Protest against reactionary 'Demo für Alle' Congress in Frankfurt

The ultraconservative, reactionary initiative ‘Demo für Alle’ held a congress on January 20th near Frankfurt am Main, on the topic of [negative] consequences for society by opening marriage to same-sex couples. More than 2500 people demonstrated through the city for diversity and equal-rights in society.  Near the congress center activists awaited arriving shuttle busses of the symposium. Participants had to pass banners, rain of confetti and noise. A group as well attempted to block the connection road twice. In downtown Frankfurt during noon then a big protest involving political groups as well as parties and initiatives took place.

Protest near ‘Congresium’ Congress Center

Protest in Downtown Frankfurt