[ Picture Gallery] Protest against PEGIDA ‘The Original’ in Munich

pegida bachmann 20180317 42 - [ Picture Gallery] Protest against PEGIDA 'The Original' in Munich

After the Munich-based, local PEGIDA branch has more or less cut his connections to the Dresden based movement, local multifunctional far-right activist Michael Stürzenberger is trying to form a second movement in Munich. PEGIDA ‘Das Original’ gathered for the first time on Saturday March 17th on Munich Marienplatz. The founder of PEGIDA ‘Lutz Bachmann’ from Dresden spoke – still only 120 came to join the rally. Civil initiatives and Antifa groups called for protest and more than 2500 joined performances, rallies and demonstrations against the far-right March. The importance of such protest can once more be stressed, as Lutz Bachmann described in his speech that they are the non-parliamentary wing of the far-right AfD and the new-right movement that carries it.

On Max-Joseph-Platz the group ‘Bellevue die Monaco’ called for an action under the name ‘the doctors are coming – racism is curable’, PEGIDA was surrounded by a mass of demonstrators at Marienplatz and Antifa activists, after holding a demonstration tried to push onto the marching route to perform a roadblock. Riot police intervened with pepper-spray and batons. PEGIDA was able to march through Munich – the impression left though is a small group of predominantly old white people, dominated by loud counter-protest.