The End – Off to New Grounds

Dear readers and followers,
since several months it has been quiet around here – so this post is addressing all of those, asking themselves if there is new content to come: Yes – but under a different name and in other places.
During the past years what started off as a small blog project kept growing and we started to reach more and more people. We reported on weekly southern-German far-right events, shun light on those fighting for a better life, for all of us, engaging in social movements, covered deportations from Munich to Afghanistan and the situation of those fleeing to Europe. We worked as Munich-based fixers for production companies, contributed to german media – some of our footages was aired the biggest german stations there are. Since early 2019 our team has moved on. We have all advanced our skills and are working full time as TV producers, photojournalists or reporters. So what does this mean for 24mmjournalism?
As you might have realized, we have been quite inactive the last months and maybe owe this explanation. We will be back in some matter – maybe we are going to unroll a new, completely re-designed media project in the future. For now that’s it. C’est ça. Stay tuned for more to come.
We will discontinue our social media channels soon, but dig through our old material and keep the most interesting articles and posts online. It was a pleasure to be out there and report for anybody reading this.
Cheers from the desk, michi