PEGIDA Munich Marches towards Non-Citizen’s Protest Camp

After the racist PEGIDA movement started their weekly demonstration last week just across the street from the non-citizen’s protest camp at Sendlinger Tor, this week the group gathered at Stachus. With less than one hundred participants the group seems to keep losing followers. They announced to march towards Sendlinger Tor, hold a rally there and…Read more PEGIDA Munich Marches towards Non-Citizen’s Protest Camp


PEGIDA Munich – Tatjana Festerling visits Munich [Picture Gallery]

PEGIDA Munich marches once again on August 1st 2016. Tatjana Festerling that made it to newspapers recently for travelling to European borders and going after refugees visited the Munich branch of the racist movement. Her speech in Munich was deeply filled with hatred e.g. she demanded that "...the autochtonal inhabitants of Germany should weaponize themselves…Read more PEGIDA Munich – Tatjana Festerling visits Munich [Picture Gallery]

PEGIDA Fuerth fails – counter-protest outnumbers demonstration by far

On Thursday July 7th the Nuremberg branch of the racist PEGIDA movement gathered in Fürth. Only a little more then 50 people came to take part in the rally - the counter-demonstration attracted more then 600 people. Neonazi Dan Eising, "Die Rechte" showed up in company of local neonazi comrades with a self-printed "press ID".…Read more PEGIDA Fuerth fails – counter-protest outnumbers demonstration by far

Picture Gallery PEGIDA Munich 03-14-16

PEGIDA marched from Odeonsplatz down Ludwigsstraße and returned to it's starting point. Amongst the mass as usual confessing neo-nazis and antisemits. Approximately 350 people blocked Ludwigsstrasse as PEGIDA started marching back. The demonstration was guided around the road-block. As the rally returned to its starting point one participant tried to attack colleague Robert Andreasch over a…Read more Picture Gallery PEGIDA Munich 03-14-16

“Solidarity without Limits” Demonstration in Dresden

On February 6th PEGIDA announced a Europe-wide action. In Dresden, Prague and some other cities all over Europe racist rallies were held. According to "Durchgezählt" 6.000 - 8.000 people attended the racist gathering on the riverside of the Elbe - at least 2500 demonstrated against PEGIDA & fortress Europe during the same time. The antifacist demonstration through…Read more “Solidarity without Limits” Demonstration in Dresden

End-of-year review 2015

This year is almost over. Below I collected a few of my pictures documenting protests, neo-nazis gathering, racists marching, refugees arriving and just some snapshots of 2015. Most recent pictures are listed up top.  Thanks to all the colleagues I worked with the past year and everybody following and supporting my work.