PEGIDA Munich 03-28-16

Even on christian holiday Easter Monday PEGIDA Munich gathered. Only approximately 150 joined the rally. Amongst the participants were activists of the neo-nazi parties 'Der III. Weg' and 'NPD'. Remarkable was Heinz Meyers speech about asylum politics and racism in Israel. As tweeted by Reflektierter Bengel, he finished his talk with the conclusion that Israel ist…Read more PEGIDA Munich 03-28-16


Easter-march for Peace in Munich

As every year several organizations and groups mobilized for an Easter-march for peace in downtown Munich. Approximately 500 people joined the demonstration. The demonstration started with a rally at Karlsplatz Stachus. Sam Rasta - known from Peace rallies in Munich that have had neo-nazis joining - performed some music. Remarkable was the pa system that did…Read more Easter-march for Peace in Munich

BDS holds talk in municipal cultural center Gasteig

On Saturday November 7th the association „Jüdisch-Palästinensiche Dialoggruppe München“ held an event in the Gasteig in Munich. The city handed over the room for this talk without demanding any rent. In a statement before the talk the chief of the city library stated that n a democratic pluralistic society the option has to be given for…Read more BDS holds talk in municipal cultural center Gasteig