#FreeDeniz -Motorcade through Munich

As journalist Deniz Yücel has been taken into investigative custody by the Turkish state solidarity rises. All over Germany colleagues, friends and family of Deniz gathered on February 28th to hold motorcades. In Munich around 30 cars participated. Picture Gallery


PEGIDA Munich – photographer handcuffed

Once again I visited PEGIDA Munich to cover neo-nazi participants and capture footage for my long-term documentary about the Munich branch of the the movement founded a little more than a year ago in Dresden. [Cover picture: http://www.preiselbauer.de/] "Flagging" As I entered the PEGIDA cage for the first five minutes I was able to just walk…Read more PEGIDA Munich – photographer handcuffed

PEGIDA Munich – numbers persist after Paris Attacks

Only at the most 200 have come to join this weeks anti-islam rally in Munich. After PEGIDA was blocked on the historically charged date of November 9th by 3000 citizens, the "concerned citizens" assembled again to march through Inner-city Munich. Already in the beginning the numbers of counter protestors were far outnumbering the racist rally.…Read more PEGIDA Munich – numbers persist after Paris Attacks